Ifit watch review

iFit watch

iFit watch16 Mar. 2016
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iFit men's classic watch

iFit men's classic watch and fitness tracker

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What is the app called for the watch

JQ Khan

I saw your video and i do have the iFit watch which u do have in your video. i can not connect it to my mobile and i am unable to get its benefits (which icon i need to download in my Note 5 samsug mobile). I also lost the guide book of my watch so kindly guide me how can i connect this watch and send me the web address from where i could find its guide book. thanks

Review of iFit Technology

Review of iFit Technology6 Dec. 2018
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My opinion and review of

My opinion and review of iFit using my C2150 NordicTrack treadmill.

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Virtual Run TV

A tip - Hang an old PC-monitor on the wall in front of you, same height as your head. Then attach a Chromecast to the monitor, and use your mobile to cast Virtual Runs from Youtube to the monitor. This way, you get to actually run other places (as close as it gets to the real thing). Just click on the thumbnail to the left of this comment to see a few videos. It's "hands down" the best way to train on your treadmill :)

moj kav

I use ifit on my mobil phone connected to treadmill and it is working but what ever workout i load it often delay the loading at the middel of the run and i get a message "backplay delay" (there is no problem with internet, working very well) Is any one have a solution to this or ifit has this problem even do you are paying every months?

jiang pan

I hope it's a real video instead of pictures

Cassidy Jane

what about the coaching aspect? just having images side showing isn't the greatest. thought you could have a coach and a video? there are way better running app out there if you can't have that. thanks for your video!

adilson quimbango

Preciso de uma ajuda mais quero mandar o vídeo no Whatsapp quero o teu watsapp

Raúl Gómez

You can watch the app on the TV with a n apple tv for example?

juan Peres

Does anyone know how to fix this problem on my x9i tread mill machine and reinstall sotwera and it's still the same The web browser on certain 7" and 10" tablets made in 2016 or prior will experience increasing limited functionality. The reasons being the wide adoption of requirement of HTML5, as well as expiring root SSL certifications that are used to verify 3rd party sites. All user data, and connections to iFit are protected and secure.

Marcus Aurelius


Rami Daoud

can I cast ifit to chromecast

Paul S

I have iFit on my NordicTrack cycle and it's a much better experience than shown here. There's video and you follow the trainer through some really amazing trails. I find it to be really interesting and makes the workout fun.

Eric Dodson

Ifit is garbage

Terry Saunders

After looking into getting a treadmill I came across the Gold's Gym i430 with iFit, so I thought 'yeah, it's cheap enough, and is supposed to work with bluetooth devices, so I went on got it, now, I paid $15 for registration just so that the display can be enabled, and now, I find out that the iFit app can NOT be used with just any bluetooth device, this is what I found out by trial and error.

The tablet/cellphone has be at least 6 months old, no older, and MUST be running the latest Android or iOS, simply because iFit app uses HTML5 which is only just started replacing flash, and older (before 6 months) Chrome or Web View do not support HTML5, which tells me, if I would have known this, I wouldn't have bought the treadmill in the first place.

So, the conclusion is, if you get any fitness machines that use iFit , go out and buy either a brand new iPhone X or tablet that has the must recent (less than a year old) Android OS, this is what the treadmill manufacturers should have stipulated, saying something like "Buying this machine means you also need to purchase the iPhone X and yesterday's version of an Android tablet, for use with iFit.."

Oh and another thing I found out, if you cancel an iFit account, the treadmill will return back to it's default 'HELLO" on the screen and none of the controls will work.

justin M

the whole time I have my reebok treadmill I was bummed out because The ifit built in is older and needs a tablet to use it...But after seeing this I am no longer bummed because after finding out it's just still images and a slide show of the "streetview maps", that would have been a let down.

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LATEST KIDS SMARTWATCH ⌚ Packed with Features | Laxcido 4G8 Jan. 2020
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