How many jumping jacks to lose 1 pound

how many jumping jacks to lose weight

how many jumping jacks to lose weight14 Jan. 2019
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how many jumping jacks to

how many jumping jacks to lose weight. Here in this video i talk about how many jumping jacks to lose weight.

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Natural Bodybuilding Moron

The key to losing weight is you metabolism. It all come down to how many calories you intake for the day to how many u exert in a day . I talk about this on my channel all the time. Sure jumping jacks will help speed up metabolism and burn calories but I think people need to be aware there is more to it then that.


what about jump roping ?

jumping jacks workout for weight loss (lose 10 pounds this week)

jumping jacks workout for weight loss (lose 10 pounds this week)2 Dec. 2019
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jumping jacks workout for

jumping jacks workout for weight loss (lose 10 pounds this week). Here in this video i talk about jumping jacks workout for weight loss (lose 10 pounds this week)

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Mr K

Luv your vids


What if I do like 40 jumping jacks and 40 secs rest and then repeat

Sunk YT

Can you do a push up video


What if I don't apply diet

super kid fly

Pls do some leg workouts

30 days 1000 Jumping Jack Challenge

30 days 1000 Jumping Jack Challenge4 Sep. 2020
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This 30 days 1000 Jumping

This 30 days 1000 Jumping Jack Challenge can help you to achieve fat loss and muscle growth at the same time. Make sure you watch until the end.

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Moony The local Luna

1000 each day?

carter beebe

wait are you doing 1000 in row and not taking any breaks or are you doing like 100 then rest then 100 again or

Fabian Xavier

Good stuff man, but wouldnt jumping jack damage your legs?

Qis Butterfly

How many kgs u lose?

Shayana Shinas

Sir how many kg did u lost

Badwolfpup101 No

One thousand a day?

Sekar Ayu Sarsatyas

1000 jumping in a day?


Same routine like me :D. But you need recovery day.

Shaiphel K A

Can be slim from obese with only doing jumping jacks ?


Good Video Sir ,Jumping jacks can reduce man boobs ?


I do 300 in one go (5 mins straight)
Max 500 per day

Jordan Hanes

Great video man I've been doing 1000 jumping Jack's for like 3 days now and I noticed how easy it is now after forcing my self when I was sore I'm thinking of going up to 1250 or 1500 everyday and gradually go up more

Garren Chong

Sir did your body become fitter because I saw the result there were fat loss

babai sarkar

Bro really its work?


Im a 11 year old, and today i did 1000 jumping jacks and it was amazing, i mean, i did the 1000 jumping jacks plus my everyday routine, probably no one cares but i will post my routine here

First 10 laps across any type of open space (backyard, yard, parking spot, park, etc)

After that you stretch a little (to avoid any harm)

First time Second time third time fourth time
15 times 10 times 7 times 5 times
(on exercises that are about time, and not the amount of times you do them, its the same, but instead of 15 times, its 15 seconds, and instead of 10 times its 10 seconds, etc)


Jumping jacks

Flying (i call this one flying cause its the only name i know for it, but it basically is lying down with your chest on the floor, and lifting up your left hand and right leg, and then lifting up your right hand and left leg)

And the mountain climbers

After that, i stretch a little bit, fill a bottle of water and drink it while i watch a series, etc

Hope someone likes this routine, i've been doing it every day for the last 2 months, and its been working great


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so lovely video, thank you ☺️

Annette Ramirez

1000 jumping jacks a day?



Jugal Chaudhari

She is so Nice

Dave Clifford

Very well done ! I’ve got to try it ?


do you do 1000 A day?

Mourya Mourya

How much time it takes to finish 1000 jumping jacks

Qawee Kifrawi

sir what is the resistance training? i would to try this challenger

Shamon Yousef

Any changes in inner thigh?

Harneel Singh

Nice video Sir?????

Shadow Freddy

Bruh what?

Arviec Ragpala

Can jumping jacks reduce belly fat?

Hulk D

Hello sir.. Do jumping jack increases height??

Qawee Kifrawi

btw sir, niceee video gonna try it soon


do you think 3 days workout then 1 day rest is good? cuz I'm at 120kg rn and I don't want to push my body too much to avoid unnecessary injury.