Now he's really getting huge

I'm TINY And He's SUPER HUNGRY In Minecraft!

I'm TINY And He's SUPER HUNGRY In Minecraft!16 Jul. 2020
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Edwards Family

Good video

Eric Tan


Bien Legaspi

hind in that vent 11:03

Adham Mohamed

Aphmau why Ein is always screaming like a dying chicken

Ivy_penguin :3

I'm confused bc why do people dislike it like do they have a reason?

Silje's Gaming Kanal

Lol hahahahahahahahahahaha



Slime time Jolie

The living accountant endosonographically excite because screwdriver technologically fit amongst a short herring. snotty, observant clef

Kale Buursma

Aphmau: eating kek
Kawaiichan: I LIKE YA CUT G

Tessa McAlister

I would've stayed in the vents also I don't have a favorite cake



Krongtong Laisuwanchai

8:42 they are fwego

ahmed issa

Aphmau, Kwaii~chan and Noi are the CUTEST! But I am saying about Ein and Peirce that they are even CUTE and FUNNY!!!!!

WorldTheRoses Com

Big fat in my brothers thing is a big fan my brother is like your episode is cry really like your episode is so funny and cute is so awesome my name is Carlos and then my other brother name Randell and my other brother and I can I can is a big fan of your episode is so cute

Nina Alvarez

Aphmua was singing then kawai Chien puts a cobweb right into where Aphmua was flying. Get the firworks that burst insted of rockets ok Aphmua, then you can kill seeker becuase they hurt, but it may give you away

Ewayne Cordero

Your Fake Comments Hahahhahah Your Not Your Secon2 Am firs Join Hahaha Apham Hate You Me Sh Not Hate me Your hate

Yzabelle Dimaano

I love how inquisitormaster and aphmau has the same subscribers

Ryan Johnson


Gabby Carmichael

I'm n fireflie ~~~

Am Cool

Kawaii~Chan is the best Cook in this Channel!

BionicBread h

aphmau:da na na da (gets stuck in web)

Erica Abundiz

YES- I'm watching this once again but I JUST noticed now but pause at 3:52
is it just me or her head/hair is making a face that looks like -- __--

Nicole Brink

go in the vent alacen

agd shs

My frevete is Noi

Erickson Sies

That is a saveg alerta from candles

yun lu huang

Fling torch

Eric john Tan

Your a noob on webs

Nister unicorn


Manashi Basnet

U always make my day happier even if I am sad happy angry anytime I love you

Abbegail Ortiz

You Aphmau should not sing happy Birthday to Kawaii~~~ Chan you should sing happy Birthday to me because its my birthday today is January 2 minr is January 2 ok

Jason Lankford

well, u pests r a-Noi-ing. hehe

Aphlie 1568

O man pesty little mice in her house

Play with ARIA!


Dhia Zara Sofia Zaidi

I like cake ? and cupcakes.

Lauren Savina Parong

Aph isn’t it a she

Nina Alvarez

whats a lets play?
And aphmua, you shoudl of goten tnt to blow up the cakes, and so Ein(Chris) could eat bigger bites


you are dum

Mikayla Jones

I would have stayed where you were instead of saving cookies

Jacquelene Passaway

Noi Ur an idiot

Nina Alvarez

Aphmua flying flying flying then Kauai Chien places a cobweb on top of her

John Krech

Omgooooood sooo good Ahpmau you are the greatest

April Diakite

Kawie chans ginger bread are to die for

Esther Varney

I love cupcakes so much and that wasn’t a great hiding spot Ein

Isabel Miscles

where do u get the mods and texture packs i need them they are sooo cool

Thomas Suchocki

I Love it is so awesome!!!!

Jane Vlogs

Hey what if ein eats the cake???

John Nathon


Stormy McCrea

Hi aphmu

Bonnie Brenchley



Title: I’m TINY and he’s SUPER HUNGRY in Minecraft!

Me:why doesn’t he just eat what he sees instead of tiny people

Kimberlyn Taylor


Serenity Bass

omg why did you not stay in the vent:)

Notiam Blue Star YT

Im gonna E-out

amanda soriano

I think im in love with Noy

Misti Giffin

Noi swimming in Kawaii~Chan's Cereal

Me: "Noi, that's just nasty."

Lucy Stanley

Why did the ice cream truck holding umbrella because there's always a chance for sprinkles
Do you get it aphmau nope
Me what?????????



Thomas Suchocki

They need food because they don't have food so they are taking the food!!!!!

ItzDarknight UwU Channel

i like you aphmau

Aaliyah Nguyen Nguyen

did anyone notice that you can take the i away from noi's name noi and then take the i away and then it is now no

may l.

??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️ you????

Steven james

I love how you fly around

Mouse Kiki Mouse bat cute piggy

Tiny tiny aphmau

Malika Malak

No seriously


i like your vidio keep it up

Nina Alvarez

KawaiChien sets up fly traps. everyone gets trapped. And also, hide and seek rules dont say TO KILL THE SEEKER! SO WHY DID YOU CHEAT APHMUA?!?

Isabella Fitzgerald

Oh uh


Noi's and Kawai-chan's voice are very adorable?
My mum thought I watch cartoons show because Kawai-chan's voice sounds like cartoons character?

Averie Fry

Me: thinking Aphmau is doodle bob

Jane Vlogs

And noi is a firefly noi is a firefly

Jane Vlogs


Ana Alina

Transmisiune in direct biserica sf petru si paul bacau is a very good

Irfan Shah


Alex Stoica


Shevon Buchanan

Your the best

Johmar Bituin Jr.

Aphmau is my favourite YouTu

Lucy Stanley

Plz stop doing hide'n seek plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz thanks

Larissa Salvato


Tiffany Williams


Adam Christensen


Jacquelene Passaway

Oh my god

trisha cusick

kawi~chanis so cute Aphmau i realy enjoy your videos thank you

DeShaun Brown

I love aphmau vids ?

Chinta Satyam

Hey you fly and singing and a sound was come like pee and i laugh

Gerly Miguel

Ioooooooooooooooool she staack lol

Quin P


Ariella Rogers

can you plz put the mods you use in the videos in the description?

Shakecia Jackson

I don’t know so I don’t know just want to do like it Anna and a cake or something or a cupcake like cupcake and a cake so if a cake equals to a cupcake you heard a cat in a cupcake but I still don’t know why I just want anyone to eat is no but I want at so that’s what I want but I don’t know what to say about this but how could they be little but someone the first one is big so I just want them I just want them to be the giant so they can Crush everyone there’s something in the car and if they stepped on the car there be like BBBB be BBBB be BBBB beep beep beep beep beep beep so that’s what the cars will be like on the giant steps and them

gamer girl

i like your ideaas

Nicklas Iversen

i love your vdios and i am daneh

Malika Malak

I'm shrunk in real life

Jacob Merced

Wait is it true that aphmau has hearts for eyes
Like if she is in loveve with someon :>

Khanh Trương

??????qegdgftghogfhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaababababababbabababababbababano. No

Precious Crisol

-Kawaii~chan 2020

Phyo Htet Aung

um my fav cake flavour would be chocolate with cheese sprinkles or normal sprinkles

makaiyah kirby

i was laughing noi said i'm a fire fly

Weston Zachary

what happened to kawi chan calling aphmua aphmua chan

Naomi Naomi


Boi Ajay

i love your videos.

Jane Vlogs

I like kawaii~chan but shes rude to tiny tiny players :Noi'' im an firefly me: oh my god is it noi an firefly

Rowdy Replacement Makes Loss of Previous Dog Even Harder | It's Me or the Dog

Rowdy Replacement Makes Loss of Previous Dog Even Harder | It's Me or the Dog13 Feb. 2021
97 863

Dog training expert

Dog training expert Victoria Stilwell meets a family who have recently suffered the loss of their great dane, but even worse the replacement brought in to lift everyone's spirits has achieved the opposite!

It's Me or the Dog USA Season 1 Episode 6

#ItsMeOrTheDog #VictoriaStilwell

▶ VICTORIA'S BOOKS: http://bit.ly/ltsMeOrTheDog

▶ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE: http://bit.ly/ItsMeOrTheDog

It's Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!

▶ DOG TRAINING PLAYLIST https://bit.ly/2HxlR0a

Learn puppy training and dog training techniques that can help turn your life around and get your canine companion under control with Full episodes from the show!

▶ FULL EPISODES PLAYLIST https://bit.ly/2FodIsj

Comments (100)
Sydney Sebastian

I love Great Danes, I fostered one for two months. I cried when she went to her forever home, she was such a good loving dog.


cute gesture but i think he shouldve let his family grieve before bringing another dog in. grieving is a process.

Liz Lachhab

There is nothing sadder to me than a sad dog. Losing a member of the family is one of the hardest things anyone can go through. RIP to the very good doggo Apollo

Moon Moon

An actual likeable family

Asif A. Rahman

That dog must be so sad that his buddy is gone

Amirah Samuel

“We’re definitely soulmates” homie doesn’t even know how long they’ve been married AND got a dog even when she said she didn’t want one

Stray Cat

The husband is a real sweetheart, he had all the best intentions

Ivana Z

I thought this was "It's me or the Dog", not "It's me or the Cow". :o
But on a real note, it's an absolute tragedy when a loved one dies and both human an non-human beings need time to mourn. Abby is probably quite confused.
I also feel bad for Harley, because I'm sure that he feels that Jodie isn't fond of him. And adopting a family member is a huge deal so you definitely have to have everyone on board.

louise cunningham

Why can’t they just do a full episode instead of bits

Svenja Hartwig

I dont prefer all of her methods but I LOVE VICTORIA!!!

Diana Woods

What a lovely couple, rather different than the other stuff I've seen from this show!


I like the Great Dane ones


When she does this how does she not want to take the dog home with her like I would


The fact that I learn more from this channel than actual school

Yar Juach

RIP Apollo

Kizzy Johnstone

I was here before 1000 subs

lead slinger44

He should have made sure she was okay with another dog and he meant well but I think he was mourning in a different way then her and that was why he got another dog

Talyah R

Random but I really like the husband's voice

14.keith. fernandes

Does anyone else wonder if victoria has a dog or not

ash the king of darkness

There’s no other dog trainer like Victoria

Gabriel 2018

2:22 Did he really say "she was a people "person"?... We are talking about a dog here, "a people DOG"

Nicole Lim

Their daughter have the same name as me...
I got scared for a sec when the narrator said the name-

Aley Ah

they invited her to DINNER?~?!?!?!?! I love these people so much omg


if your kid dies, do you make another one thinking that'll fix everything and make everyone happy? No. Same thing with animals. Let people grieve, and adopt animals as a team effort when everyone wants to/is ready to.

Ana Felix

Victoria is so cool wish we had longer episode's.

remember it

So does she work through COVID?


A family that doesn't make my blood boil!!

Joel Marble

dogs don't speak our language so we must figure out theirs. maybe the most important tip.

it doesn't take a lot of work. just consistency


Rick is absolutely lovely ???

Gabriel 2018

4:26 Great step in the right direction.

Asma Aziz

That man is a keeper.

damn this

This family is just amazing. Great vibes. Goals literally.

Rodrigo Emanuel

He looks like a nice man , dont you tink ? So open hearted , it may have backfired but he was worried for his wife emotions and did everything with good intent.

Jade Ruri

I love this show

xxAngelxx Roblox

I watch these because I want a dog when I'm older so I watch them to help me understand


I know I cant be the only one that thought the daughter was gonna be the wife/mom

NiChole Gallo

This channel is so toxic with hate and judgement always!! I’m sick of seeing it. Victoria still well doesn’t know how to train a dog. But the owner more so. I’m out. She doesn’t give dog behaviorisms the time of day ether. Yuck. And you commenters always have something nasty to say. Enough of this petty channel. Poor dogs.

Chanel Romero

I need help. My grandmas dog Happy, is very agressive around his owner and he bit me really hard.

Rick Hunt

Last year I lost one of my baby kittens before christmas his name was lucka

Tuwi the AmAzInG

How does Victoria always look the same னக் matter how old she is

Denise Sander

Are Harleys ears cropped?

Kiran Ramesh

Ummmm I need Victoria to come to my house and train my dog

Morgan G.

we recently lost our sweet Nevaeh back in october due to cancer. she was found lifeless that october morning. it was extremely painful. had her since we was 8 weeks old and lived to see her 10th birthday. my mom wants a new dog that is the same breed Nevaeh was and i told her that’s not going to replace Nevaeh... ☹️ i can relate to this episode. RIP, Nevaeh. ❤️

irene birgita

This family is so mindful, smart and well mannered


Hes like my dad hes trying to fix thing RIGHT NOW and doesnt listen

Jenelle Lynn

Honestly seems like this guy is emotionally repressed lmao. He’s so focused on “cheering up” his family, like he can’t stand to just sit with sad emotions, his or others, and feels the need to “fix” everything. Like bruh it’s not healthy to be happy all the time, that’s called repression

Aaron Addis

He doesn't even know how long he has been married ?

Gothgirl 2121

The lifespan of a Great Dane is so short. ?

Trines Nails

Dogs grief like us, when they lose a pack member they will be sad, he did everything with his heart, sometimes it that takes time

Alex Anderson

It's so good when the owners WANT to take on ideas and make changes!

Laura Hanna

Is there an episode with a dog with a habit of hunting mice, crows, rabbits etc and/or eating things he finds outside? I am walking the dog of a friend regularly and we just cannot break his habit. He will hunt and eat mice or rabbits and any food-like things like old turnips etc left on the field, even if they're months old and probably have gone bad... We tried to tell him to leave it and reward, but he now associates taking the turnips in his mouth and dropping it with the reward and basically does it on purpose. ? We're trying to see his behaviour coming and praise him for not eating any weird things, but it's difficult to see what he is sniffing out. ?


I feel so much with the family because I made this same mistake... We mean well, but success is not always guaranteed.

Sarah Hardy

I love that the older dog’s ears aren’t mutilated. Dogs are a lot easier to understand when they can communicate naturally IMHO.

Hassen Mehiris

Every time I watch an episode I'm shocked of how 0 f... they give to the way they're dressed

Mary Beth Matthews

Them I love harpy’s looks

Me : do they not know they have one of the most expensive Dane you can buy

Gabriel 2018

3:33 That seems to be a spreadout problem in American couples nowadays that they do not listen to each other.


I don’t like seeing choke chains.

A Maria

Rick is such a lovely guy, you can see his love for his family and his dogs❤️✨


So many of these episodes are annoying because the owner fight the advice, but this one was great. I hope Mrs falls in love with the better behaved Harley.

kaykay Kailah

She didn’t even get to heal from the other one yet

angie’s gaming

Everything aside, the family reminds me if the Flanders family from the simpsons ??


Love to see it


I love how much emphasis Victoria places on learning to communicate properly with one's dogs -- both in learning to read the dogs' signals and body language, and in learning how to make yourself clearly understood by the dogs. Most dogs do want to please their humans, but it's the humans' responsibility to convey what they want in a way the dog can understand. Likewise, if something is distressing a dog, it's generally not trying to keep its feelings a secret, and it's so important for the dog's owners to understand what the dog is feeling and why, in order to properly address the problem. I feel like communication (both between dogs and owners, and among the humans in the household with one another) is 90 percent of what Victoria teaches.

Sarah Hamilton

Beautiful home and area

Amy Doran

The only way to get over the death of one dog is to get another.They still have the second dog still living too.

JB - 07SS 754470 Fairwind Sr PS

Victoria is like the dog Gordon Ramsy

Joshua Bonifacio

This Dad looks like Matt Groening the creator of the Simpsons, Futurama and Disenchantment

Aliya Stadnik

I have a dog and I watch your vids to train him

Nik Riley

I love seeing such a good family on this show. You can tell they just weren’t sure how to use their bodies with the dogs. They were trying their best and they just wanted to do good. ❤️ It’s refreshing!

jackie b

Awwww I love this couple. Rick is a goofball. I hope Abby is feeling better.

Tru Tru

I'm crying rn I feel bad soooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhh
I'm so sorry for the Dog ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


When a dog encounters death, stranded as their body would delve into the cracks of gloominess that opened to a brawl of sorrow and death, their old friend mourns every day of their lives. Believing the hatred of discontent will forever lie in their heart, swelling continuously in an endless process. But forever a spirit lies, twirling around the vines of sickening brutality and wickedness curling around a dog, eagerly trying to straighten its bonds of tenderness and contentment, trying to squeeze it back to life it once was. And that same spirit coils around other friends as they watch sadly upon their dog, trickling into sadness. Sometimes it may go as far as slander and lies, or a dog giving up and dying. Despair can take its toll, and dogs can witness as it strikes it, or it will make up its mind and hurry on. As choices plunge into the paws of a dog, they plunge into another’s too, all dogs deserve a home. But not all homes do.


What a great family this time. All good people, just needed a little help with a big dog.

Indri Fazliu

hi guys can you watch my video of my dog please show some love

인생은 가장 큰 축복입니다

Hello Ms. Victoria may I have some tips on how to stop my dog from scratching her water bowl and spilling the water? Thank you.

Liz Multi-fan

Question! How can I make a puppy stop trying to licking and mouthing me in my face?
I had the same problem, but I figured it out by myself. I started to give my 10 year old dog the same attention as I give to the puppies.

Aaron Addis

"22 or 24 years something like that" I'm dead ??

Camille Roberts

Apollo looks like my old Dane, miss you Rosie ❤️


I really like how attentive Rick was during his one on one time with Victoria. He let her speak before asking his question and took her answer into consideration.

Shabhana Wahid

Did anyone else think this couple is so cute ? he clearly loves his family


Been together 24 years, calls her his soulmate, and he still hasn't learned how to listen to her.

Natalie Luo

Why aren't you wearing a mask?

Amanda the Average

I hate that they cropped the ears, great danes are sooo much cuter with floppy ears

Maya Langitan

Jody is gorgeous as well ..

Inu Kazam

I feel for the husband because he just wanted to help, to fix things, but feelings can't just be "fixed" like you fix a broken lamp, and that was a tough lesson he had to learn. Also, learning to try to see things in other people's perspective, like realizing that his wife doesn't cope with things the same way he does, she needed time to mourn and he needed to respect that. I'm glad it turned alright in the end.

Hal Tucker

All always forget that she’s actually nice when she comes in really strict

If You Have To Ask

“Replace” is likely taken out of context here. I don’t believe the hubby is trying to “replace” his deceased dog Apollo, he’s just trying to “fix” things as men are apt to attempt to do, by the only “fix” this guy knew how to do; bringing in another Dane to bring, in his words, life, joy, and happiness back to his remaining Dane Abby and wife, whom he obviously loves dearly.

Kudos to him for the love and humility he showed, admitting he was (perhaps) wrong and apologizing, isn’t always easy!

Harley’s coming along wonderfully and in the end, this Hubby’s misdeed became virtuous, how often does that happen?!

My continued best wishes for the Dombrowski family

Gretchen Krebs

This guy is just so happy he's still allowed to hug his dog. Cute family, and he's lucky she forgave him.

Solara Roycraft

Some of the most mellow dogs I've seen so far on this show. I feel so bad for Abby poor baby looks so depressed

Kailie Zeeff

When people say that animals don’t have feelings, it makes me sick. Animals can feel loss and it is really sad to see Abby so depressed ?


Victoria does as much therapy as she does therapy.

Anthony's monsters 7

Dog are loving animals

da Queen

Lmfaooo i lovee vic ?❤️❤️☘️

da Queen

Dogs arent as cute as cats ??


Love Great Danes but their life spans are so short. I got Siberian Huskies because I wanted a long lived dog


Imagine putting your legs on a dog like using a foot stool and expecting it to respect you


I feel like if they had gotten a dog before apollo died (maybe not another Dane but something that could be a companion to whichever dog was left behind) things would have been a bit different. I don’t know the situation though, so it might have been a sudden thing. I just know if you add another dog to make a trio for the short time you have left with the oldest dog, things work out a lot better as far as acceptance from the dog left behind. Every dog is different though, this is just observations I’ve seen


Rick needs a lap dog or a frenchie? Little dogs don’t get in trouble for hugs, they thrive on them. Any dog is lucky to have an owner like Rick, my dogs would love him❤️


Haven’t watched it all yet but he doesn’t look like a maniac, he just looks like he’s bein a puppy tryin to play

dawn J

lol, my dog hates peanuts. You could put a tsp of peanut butter on a steak and put it on the floor and it would sit there untouched. PB would be useless in training her.

I'm TINY and He's GIGANTIC In Minecraft!

I'm TINY and He's GIGANTIC In Minecraft!14 Jun. 2020
4 568 514
AphmauSubscribe 438 721

He's GIANT and I'm witty

He's GIANT and I'm witty we are going to ☠️

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★ Shado_Temple: https://twitter.com/Shado_Temple

★ Chris: Escalante: https://twitter.com/CEscalanteMusic

#Minecraft #Aphmau

Comments (100)
Alex English

Nothing is wrong with pierce he is just using his 1 brain cell

Sue B

Aphmau, I have an idea! When you see the seeker right out the door or something, don’t move a muscle. :)

breon huyler

His head is in the ground

Joshua Monk

Pierce is a. Backwords as a blanket and b. Moving his head!!!

Reham Beram

he,s the wrong way

randy tanagras

I love asmau

Sue B

I’m not hating on you

Quartia Del Valle

hes moving his head

Jasmiah Thomas

What the hoo ha is up with Chris's head


He is upside down lol
He,s so floppy

Tina Dexter

Your head is facing the wrong way and you are facing the wrong way

Dotty 812

He's backward and not his head is crazy

Sarah Marie McKenna

He is ? n

Riley Thompson

My god peirce does not know how to hide for crap your upside down idiot jeez do you not see the other beach mats fucking dumass

Carole BIN PAN

Sooo the head is like wrong and Minecraft blocks can NOT do that

Angela Girtman

His head is moving around

Dawn Rinn

He’s facing the wrong way and he’s moving his head -_-

J Lim

What Minecraft is this I want to know

YNW Trippie

O man motel goa win


weirdly crispy POPPABLES

Jasmiah Thomas

More like water you doing here

Aneka Goutevenier

the head


the hed

aira oriña

You can do it Aphmau you will win i Belive you your my fan

Boo Boo Gaming

He is the wrong way and his head is moving up and down?

Gaylynn Cowan

He’s backwards and I don’t even know what his heads doing or his pillow

Donchu Kaminaro

The plushies are cool.. and im tiny >:3

Little. Luna. bts

Ya Chicken Nugget is right

Jaid Xier Publico

pierce:kills ein haha no cristmass at july

My Name

8:00, he's backward and his pillow moves

Aiden Chen

Pierce is upside down

abdulla almarzooqi


Leah Dobbins

I like how you set him on fire with you supposed to do that to you

Salih Nadr


Sue B


Leny Romano



hi aphmau i am your great fan.

kucing emisa tiara

No skip ads to aphmau guys!

baby bella

I've now you should play on roblox and tried this new game out for girls you a Mac and to i.e. Chen should play girl shop

Jack gaming

HEs the wrong was and his head isn’t on the grounD

sans 096


Mr Bernard

OK he’s just dumb lol

Natasha SoBlessedHale

Pierce's head is the wrong way


He is upside down and and he is looking everywhere

Sean de la Paz

Hes backward and head moves lol

Channel Kid News

And I’m passing the gun jail

Gareth Tuckwell

Wrong way and the head is moving

AlexanderUy Gonzalez

You are gay

Summer Fields

The pillow on him is moving like crazy that's dum o.o

Olivia Porschke

He is so funny ?. Pierce

Ryder Rose

And also that was so funny when ein said I'm a little bumpy car



Anjie Cordero

He dumb

Keldrick Wilson

Are letting them kill you or your acting

Sue B

It’s just that it gets me. I’m really sorry if you are offended

Chicken Nugget

He’s the wromg way and the thing is moving

Young Eis


Paula Daye

8:20 Yes,he is backwards and his pillow is crooked

Chloe hayward

I love your videos

Channel Kid News

And where are Minecraft

randy tanagras

Ein is

epic wolfy gamer

also hes head is moving

Robert Whelpley

His head move ing

Fatima Mae Billiones

That pierce is an idiot he just like a baby boo

Jocelyn Arens

His flipping head/ neck

Galaxy Gacha

1. Pierce is the wrong way

MouseByte Twenty

Pierce your moving your pillow around


The two things wrong are:
1. He is laying down in the wrong way making the pillow facing the water unlike the rest of the mats.
2. He is moving his head all over the place and has his pillow head looking very suspicious.

So pirece is DUMB

randy tanagras


Chloe Tobing

Things wrong about shadow's hidding spot: he's the wrong way,his head going like cazy and he's dumb :) and ur the best ♡aphmau♡


No can you just please tell your dad not the real is it in the wrong way you know I love your video but can you do another baby video ?

Olivia Sheridan

Everything is Wrong with him?

Lars Staffare

Talk to Kih

Peyton Kaberlein

His head

Lavaeh Orr

What's wrong with him
1wrong way and 2 moving his head.????????????

Luna Rose

10:42 - 10:45
Aph: He ain't missing x3
Me:(worrying/wondering) WHY IS THERE A CROSS?!?!

chuanwen He

I like the Ein part he is funny plz make more

Alethia Douglass

Aphmou: Tell me whats wrong with him in the Comments ?????? Me: he's ither a Karen or dose not know how to stand still ;-;

LOL Ninja

He was glitching

Holly Kimball

Wow pierce just wow

Hien mai Channel



I forgot his name with the light blue color but he is in the different way

Scarlett Owen-Rees

I laughed when aphmau said feel shorty ?????

Werewolf girl

Answers of what's wrong with Pierce
1) His head is moving
2) he's lying down the wrong way

Kimberly Bennett

Hey Aphmau, when will you be making a Fortnite video

Aaden Henry

His head

Scarlett Owen-Rees

And when she sat down as a building

randy tanagras

She is cool


She its ein linamilann

Jeremy Montague

His head is up and moving

Dolina Logan

Coolest video


wow aphmau is AMAZING at PUNS I LOVE PUNS

Mary Castille

Whong way and move head piraes

Sam Brown

Pierce is upside down and the white part isn’t laying flat

Tamarr Aiden

It’s a glitch

my joe

You should have gone deaper into the forest

Kaelyn Wilson

Things wrong with Shado's hiding place:

He's upside down and he was looking everywhere

epic wolfy gamer

SOO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


10:40 Is that a glitch block from the glitch block mod?

Envy Skillings

and he is moviing his heaad