Lululemon warehouse sale 2019

Lululemon sale lineup | Oct. 1, 2010

Lululemon sale lineup | Oct. 1, 201026 Aug. 2019
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Lululemon warehouse sale

Lululemon warehouse sale has them lining up at the Hamilton Convention Centre. NOTE: Published Oct. 1, 2010.

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Black Friday came

Black Friday came early..

Brandy Melville San Francisco Warehouse Sale! 11/17/18

We were lucky and got in before it got cancelled ?Sorry to those who didn't ?


Vlog 0:00

Haul + some tips 2:22

More tips 13:18

Hope you enjoyed! If so, you know what to do ??

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James He

say “make sure u turn on notifications” next time too

paulina smith

chloe is right ?

Mylisa Kay

Love it!

hope paige

love love love this !! i subscribed xoxo

Nicola Hsu

OMG the stuff you got was so cute!

april seeger

me and my friends went but we didn’t make it in ??


I wan tot go to one of these so bad!!!

Ya Boi

Wow I really like this place


the wristband is pink


What time do they open the doors?

Shialan Yu

y'all cute

Chloe Chan

chloe is right

Rebekah Ralstonsell


Alina Meyer

Why so often ✌️?

Lindsey C

what the hell i went this weekend and didn’t get anything this good ?

Ava R

i went to the rescheduled one they had after it was cancelled

Arabella Xu

You guys are so cute!

Landry Noel

love this haul!! i wanna go to a warehouse sale so bad thanks for the tips i subscribed ??


I went there too and the air was hella bad back then lol! Glad you guys got the good stuff. I was first in line at 3 am and only got four items I liked.

Mary Julienne Lauigan

I love your channel !!

Pusheen Cat

I went and I was too late and got turned down

Tarian Elise

omg such a cute video ! ?

Mia Valentina

Chloe is right ?

Sophia McMahon

Chloe is right?

Amanda Rose

U should totally make a poshmark ❤️❤️

Sara R. Karci

Chloe is right

Stephanie Sun

HAHAH i love this

mia amasa

how did u guys find out the date of the warehouse? i want to go this year

charlize c

what is the name of the blue shirt with the usa flag i tried looking for it but it didn’t show up

Yone Shou

770th subscriber ✌??
She’s a Swiftie too?!!

Michelle B

Subscribed after I heard Enchanted...?

Allyson Chan

what time did you get there? i am going this weekend and also thinking of taking bart, do you have any tips?

Brianna martinez

how do you know when there’s a next one?


Chloe is right

Hhanananja Hahauaiajkwjwmw

I love this would love to support each other ❤️

Mia Valentina

omg going tmr for my bday!!

Zaynah Timol

Sub for sub?

georgia dixson

It’s pink wristband and a periwinkle top

Fiorella Martin

I went to the one this weekend and waited 7 hours

harper goldberg

i loved this video!

Allyson Chan

ooooh and also is the jewelry at the sale? i know some of the others had jewelry for $1, did the sf one have it?

Alisha Adams

Are you selling any of it on depop or something?

i went to a brandy melville warehouse sale...here's how it went

i went to a brandy melville warehouse sale...here's how it went27 Sep. 2019
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i went to a brandy

i went to a brandy melville warehouse/garage sale in milan!! basically...i'm broke now.

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Charlotte Mccullough

I though u got more by the way u were acting and saying u were embarrassed tbh lol

Martina Manzoni


Emma Southam

I live in new zealand, we have no brandy melvilles but I love buying their clothes when I am overseas. I think they should just admit that they only cater to smaller sizes. It is misleading saying 'one size fits all' when that clearly is not true.


This clothes so basic. Why does everyone goes crazy about it?


How do you know where/ when a warehouse sale for brandy? Thank youu☺️

Lily Hutt

The fact that she said the problem was with brandy not me got me ngl like i know im bigger than all my friends and sometimes the brandy clothes make me feel worse because i might love the design but then i'll tell myself i won't be able to fit because its one size so i don't even give my self a chance to try it on.

Gizzy. Love

The one size policy is actually fine , I’m saying this because skinny girls (like me) struggle finding clothes that fits them wel, and are flattering
Skinnier girls don’t go into plus sized stores and complain about there not having something small :) stop throwing shade on brandy . Thank you ☺️


How do you know about when these happen

Macy S

Richmond Pride!

Asia Denis


Nhu Vuong

i live in california and the warehouse sales here are so CRAZY like we literally get trash bags LOL im traumatized for life

bruce Müller

its really not hate but everyone is upset that they have only a „small“ size but no one complain about shops who have only plus sizes

Carlee L

I honestly think that it’s ok the way the sizing works at Brandy. As a person who is extremely petite for her age, Brandy is really great for me because it’s one of the only store that actually fits me. There are stores for only bigger sizes, so I think it’s ok that there is ONE store for smaller sizes.


actually sizes vary from one clothing to another and there's never been a specific "size" for someone as they're just labels but not much ppl understand that. like i consider myself a "small" but i have clothes from xxs to xl depending on how i like them to fit or how they do. sizes are just a weird thing and personally i think measurements(online shopping) or trying them on (in stores) are the most accurate!

Biba Cummins

So much basic omg I can’t handle it


My dumb self thought warehouses for all free

Viviana Magnetti

I live in Italy and I didn't know about it! :(


ah yes another youtube hypocrite who buys brandy melville's clothing, but somehow doesn't support their policy?? pick a side my god.

gianna brusco

there was a warehouse sale once in nyc, and people waited there for 4 HOURS!! but it was worth it bc everything was like $5-10

They kn0w Kayla

I like the fact that Brandy is only one size because as a slim Girl myself I can go to the store and find the things that I would like to wear but in other stores everything runs big so I can’t find anything, at my mall there’s even a store just for plus size women so why can’t there be a store for slim girls

onelia helene

They should be more like urban outfitters, it's still made more skinny people but has different sizes which is fair. UO literally ranges from small, small medium and small large.


The thing is, the only real issue is the fact that Brandy doesn't advertise as a 'petite store', if they did there would be no issue with them. There are plus size stores which only cater to larger sizes, and there are petite stores which are for those who are smaller. That's how it is, but Brandy doesn't specify as a petite stores, and as a result everyone reads it as a one size fits all when it obviously doesn't

Ellen Gee

I think Brandy has a cute style, but I'm definitely not the "brandy size" so I always feel ~uncomfy~ in their stores. Like trying their stuff on can really make you feel like shit, but it's not that hard to find similar clothes at the thrift store so that's what I usually do.

maya ¿


Lily Kolb

i love brandy but if they had more sizes they would be way more successful! all girls deserve to be included because you are all perfect!!!!!!

emily elizabeth

I think brandy is just fine. It is like a plus size store, but reversed. Plus size stores market towards beautiful bigger girls, and brandy markets as for beautiful smaller girls. Just as a plus size person might be sad that they can’t fit into brandy, I feel sad that I can’t fit into some of the REALLY cute plus size clothes. People don’t get mad when I store opens for just the larger bodies, so why should they get mad when one comes out for smaller ones?

Nikoru . x

Das ding ist man muss bei BM nicht nach seiner größe suchen es gibt ja nur eine

sarah gladheim

Your sale had so much better clothes than the one i went to in california omg i’m in love with everything you got ?

Alex Simmons

the reason brandy only has one size is because the clothing is made for petite body shapes just like how there are plus size stores made specifically for plus size men and women

Rachel Kraut

I literally wear a size 8 and I couldn’t even fit into there necklace!!!


I love Brandy Melville but a lot of their pants don't fit me because they are tooo long and im only 5'0




im to small for brandy, it's to big for me

pilar !

a brandy closed down and opened a new store and then they had like a bunch of free clothes and I went and I stole and nobody cared
but it was like 4 or 5 months ago :((

Elizabeth C

Look behind her

XOXO Frida

the end of this video has such a good messenger ❤️❤️

haven makhaila

omgomg i havent watched you in a PhAt minute


I live in Iowa and have been planning to go to Brandy Melville for a long time and now I can’t because of the coronavirus

Mariana Valdes

lmao im 13 and the other day i went in to finally get cute jeans, and the medium jeans deadass couldn’t fit me, and some other girl there was also shopping and said “ ew a medium ?? im not fat i need a small” and i just died you know

And I Oop-

its cause they make their clothes for flat anorexic girls, some of us girls r thick ok

honeys elixirs

The closest branch to me is an hour awayyyy if I ever go near there I’m buying the whole store


I would go and buy brandy clothes but i got a little chub on me so i dont think so

annika ordonez

but also we need to keep in mind that skinny shaming is still body shaming

Maddie Rhoads

dat bra in the beginning tho

T • D • H

At first i was hating on brandy because of the one size thing but u know what. There are also plus size stores and brandy is really based on the girls who are skinny or girls who are too skinny. And alot of girls are insecure about the fact that they are too skinny. So what i’m tryna say is that, if u feel fat because u can’t fit in brandy clothes don’t go there. There clothes are made for skinny girls not for medium sized girls

Meghan Spils

I have the New York sweatshirt too and I’ve never been and I hate myself lol I’m actually so basic

Kaley Elizabeth

The only thing from brandy that I can fit into is a scrunchie ?


this video makes me jealous

Ava Lee

You should say the prices!

Crichelle Ipson

to be honest I love Brandy because I am a small person and I love that I have a go too brand

Marie-Delphine Sturny

i really like brandy but i only fit into like oversized things like sweatshirts wich sucks and actually it’s pretty dumb of brandy not to make different sizes because they could make so much more money but ya

princess foofoo

people don't get mad when it's only plus sizes, but they get mad if it's only for skinny people? IDK if you guys realize how hard it is for really skinny people to find clothes that fit them. It's really not that big of a deal, the clothes there are probably too big for me and i'm 13

Analise Hernandez

if they made more sizes, they’d be HELLA rich

like I’d be buying their stuff too

Olivia Joy

This is the first video of yours that I have watched and I really like your editing style ?. I don’t have access to Brandy Melville where I currently live but it does bother me from what I see online, just how their clothing doesn’t cater to all sizes and now it’s like a “trend” that not all people can wear. Diversity is a problem with a lot of brands really, makeup and clothes. It just leaves a whole lot of people out.

mary claire felix

the warehouse sales in california are insane and everything’s on the floor

Reese W

i wish brandy had an XS, a lot of girls complain because they’re too big to fit in their clothes but i’m 15 and their bottoms never fit my waist..

no ma’am

I walked into my living room with a brandy top on my step dad said “where’s the rest of it”

Laura Molinelli

it IT SAY 10 CENTS!???? or am I just goign crazzzzyy


brandy´s jeans and skirts are too big for me agh and i love them :(



blair belew

yep white is your color girl

Alexa Bautista

If anyone wants to buy it then they you can buy it online. Just saying if anyone thought it was only just a store.

Giada Germani

ciaooo io sono una ragazza italiana e vivo a MILANO!!!!!!!

London Hill

i agree

Lei Eslie

i always shop at brandy melville cuz im skinny af.

Maddie Currey

Do u think I would fit into brandy
1:I'm 10
2: I'm 5 00
3: im 85 pounds
4: im working in my body

Miranda Danielle

such cute stuff I would definitely buy if it was that cheap. original prices are just too much for me. the one size is really upsetting too :(


wen u had ur bra on the bed i felt dat

Giagi S

So my thing with Brandy is that they have really cute, modern clothes that a lot of people like. to be honest, i don’t reallyyy mind the one size fits all, because i was always taught “when in doubt, go a size up” and now i have a ton of mediums in my closet, when my true size is a small. Brandy allows for me to only get one true size that works for me. with that in mind, i also think that some of their stuff is ridiculously small, and if you fit it, that’s just your body type. everyone is different. sure there is like one pro with the one size, but tbh there are wayyy more cons.

Erica Zetterquist

that sounds so amazing i need to find a brandy warehouse sale


Omgg how can it be so cheap?! I wish I could be there I was probably buy 10 or plus clothes


my brandy melville at the mall closed down and im really upset but they should really invest in bigger sizes. maybe they would still be up if they made more money

Jazriel Daplas

brandy melville is made for petite small and skinny girls, and i am small and skinny myself and its hard to find clothes that actually fit me and brandy helps that with me:) i mean yea brandy would be rich rich if there was more sizes but there r also people who cant find perfect clothes that fit them

Julia Verellen

I think i met you in Florence instead of a brandy Melville

Xo, Syd

i feel like i have an unpopular opinion but hear me out:/ im too big for basically ALL brandy clothing except their oversized sweatshirts lmao. BUT my problem w them is not that they only cater to small sizes, its that they make it seem like they cater to everyone by the “one size fits all” deal. if you’re gonna be a company for smaller petite frames- say it as it is.

Trease Baker


Gemmi Chupacabra

Where do you find out when the warehouse sales are?

adriele bop

brandy makes me sad bc i dont fit there clothes and im not even that big and like all the popular girls wear it

Ally K

The one in San Diego was so bad, the clothes were literally all the same

Haley Davis

I have a problem with the fact no one has even tried to boycott the brand for their actions. Their clothes are expensive, they only cater to basically one body type, and they most have white girls as models except for a few Asian girls every now and then.

Ryan Lee

I totally understand people saying like, "I don't go into a plus size store and complain they don't have my size" but at the same time it just makes me think of all the skinny girls who buy and wear "oversized" clothing. Coming from someone who in no way can fit in anything smaller than an L, it lessens my confidence when I can only fit and buy "oversized" yet skinny people get all of the options from small to oversized. I can't totally explain what I'm thinking but hopefully that makes sense to some. I also think this deals with inclusivity, people are always demanding things be inclusive but only if they are gaining from it. Brandy would make way more money if they sold to all sizes and it's not like I'm going to take the smalls from others, if anything it would be the other way around.

Annabelle Tittel

I'm REALLY skinny but I'm short, and some Brandy clothes fit me oddly! I don't know what body type they're making clothes for, it's as if you have to be 5'7 but have a 23/24 waist for their clothes to fit correctly. I've also noticed their pants and some specific Cara skirts run bigger? The one size is just confusing because it's not standardized, it's impossible to tell what will fit well. I've had to take in the waist of one of my skirts, and my two Cara skirts fit me totally differently

Maddison Chin

Wow so jealous. there’s so many clothes for a warehouse sale & it’s also organized compared to other vids I’ve seen

arizona tea is good

that’s like all the original brandy stuff

Grace Tran

omg this looks so nice compared to the warehouse sales here in cali

Emily Ann

Hi just found you channel and subscribed hopefully we can support each other!

Roblox Ginger

I love warehouses because they are so cheap!

oo Oralia

it is annoying that brandy caters to one size. and those who are defending it truly don’t feel the real struggle. it hurts walking into a popular store and not being able to buy ANYTHING. i think a huge factor is that most slim girls can easily walk into a store and get a XS-M and it’s hard to find L-3x+ thinner girls have never had trouble finding stuff in their size, there are store like a eagle, pacsun, pretty little thing and much more that carry that size. you fail to understand that those who aren’t an XS-L struggle to find clothes that are not only in style but look cute and flatter the body type..

Hehe Huhu

I feel like they are disrespecting many people who they know could not fit into it like ughhhh it makes me mad I can fit in their cloths and it still bugs me


i absolutely LOVE brandy clothes but it’s so expensive and i can’t rly afford anything! :(


I’m fine with Brandy being for slimmer girls but the way they market it is bad. why can’t they carry sizes 0-6 or 8 and be done with it. They should Market themselves as for slim girls rather than one size fits xs.

Genevieve Orlewicz

My dad passed almost 3 years ago and this made me start crying. It was from a heart attack and it was very sudden. I was the last person to see him in my family, thursday morning December 22nd. He was driving me to a club I did called Honors Orchestra in 6th grade. I remember him helping me out of the car from his big truck because I was so little then. I just started 9th grade, high school. I’m crying right now typing this, I miss him so so so badly and I’m scared for my future. Our family struggles with money. My mom works her tail off 7 days a week and it still is barely enough. My twin sister and I have a strained relationship because she is already choosing the wrong friends and getting into bad things (drugs and alcohol). I just want my life to go back to how it used to be. I miss him so badly. It’s not fair. He was 43 years old and taken away so suddenly. We never got to say goodbye. He was so selfless and told everyone in my family he loved us, every single day. He was big and muscular and I felt safe knowing he was my father. He made the best jokes and brightened my day. He always told me how beautiful I looked and told all of his friends about my favorite sport, gymnastics, and how talented I was. At night, i would sit on his lap and he would brush my hair and we would talk. Just talk about stuff that we had on our mind. I have one funny story I remember, it was the day before the first day of sixth grade. He asked me what I was most nervous for. I said “periods” meaning the hours or period of the day. He said “ohh don’t talk about that with me, talk about that with your mommy” and he chuckled. I was confused and then realized that there was more than one meaning to it. I have so many memories of him and I’m scared that I am going to forget them. I never want to forget him. I love him with all my heart and I’m crying right now, I can’t stop crying. I hope he can see this and I hope he is proud of me. I love you daddy

Misaki Fidelis

It’s not Brandy’s falt nor anyones if u don’t fit go to another store

Victoria Samson

omg i love the look of your camera!! I have the same one but how did you get that filter??


lmao brandy melville clothes are too big for me ! im a size 6-8 usually

Holly mackintosh

i honestly think any girl between 6-18 years can shop there lol

Ellie Pelletier

so the one size rule does suck and everything, but it's easier for them to only make one size (it's cheaper and less mistakes are made in the factories). also, as someone who has been made fun of for being skinny, brandy melville actually helped me. I could buy clothes that fit me well in a style I like. there are also plus stores out there that only sell bigger sizes, brandy is just the opposite. I feel horrible for people that have been hurt over brandy's sizing, but I have gone to stores like H&M and Old Navy and started crying in the dressing room because the clothes were too baggy. the problem is bigger than brandy, it's an issue with society. body type should never be something people are ashamed of.

zoe baldoni

Why do I live in Milan and didn't know about this

Ga Hyun Han

Why is this warehouse so clean and set up nice near my place is so messy and all on the ground and there are like no cute stuff

Cassandra Gon

How much are the stickers???